R. Buckminster Fuller: THE HISTORY (and Mystery) OF THE UNIVERSE

The HISTORY (and mystery) OF THE UNIVERSE in Portland

Portland Center Stage is presenting R. Buckminster Fuller: THE HISTORY (and Mystery) OF THE UNIVERSE written and directed by D. W. Jacobs from the life work and writings of R. Buckminster Fuller. The play will run from October to December 2008. I had the good fortune to see this play in Seattle in 2001 and again in Portland on opening night in 2008. I cannot recommend it highly enough.   This play is true to Bucky while being an engaging performance in itself.  I will be speaking before the play on Sunday 30 November 2008. The following is from the PCS Web site, where tickets for the show are available for sale.

Does humanity have the chance to endure successfully on planet Earth, and if so, how? This is the question framed by Buckminster Fuller, the engineer, designer, poet, and philosopher who, among other things, was Mensa’s second president and invented the geodesic dome. Join us for an unforgettable journey inside one of the most remarkable minds of the 20th century in a one-man show that blends videos, lectures, poetry and a healthy dash of humanist humor. A hero of the sustainability movement, Bucky framed many of the great ideas of his time and ours. This is your chance to get to know the man behind the world-saving mission.

[Also,] join us for a series of free panel presentations and informal discussions about Bucky’s design principles and what they mean to the future of Portland, featuring leaders of Portland’s design and sustainability communities.

Trevor Blake: The Approximately Omnidirectional Ephemeralization of Richard Buckminster Fuller.  Sunday, November 30, 6 pm (Mezzanine). One of Portland’s resident Buckminster Fuller scholars, presents an innovative meditation on the man who urged us all to “do more with less.”

- Trevor Blake

Trevor Blake is the author of the Buckminster Fuller Bibliography, available at synchronofile.com